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Doncaster - Over Pumping

Exsel Pumps received an enquiry from one of our biggest clients to supply a pumping solution to assist with over pumping of the main incoming sewage line in to Sandall Wwtw in Doncaster. Our customer’s remit was to refurbish and reline the main concrete intake diversion tanks.

The main incoming flow rate into the works fluctuated between 150 and 400 L/sec, this fluctuation depended on time of day and the inclement weather.
As the system was split into two sections – We proposed the supply of 2 x 10” Duty Sewage Submersible pumps, 2 x 12” End suction electric centrifugal pumps and 2 x 12” Diesel driven Betsy pumps as standby units. These pumps were all sized according to the worst-case incoming flow rates and used to contain and divert the flow through various 12” pipelines to various points around the sewage treatment works. With over 250m of 12” rigid and flexible pipe work, 12” Magflow meters and valves to regulate equal flow rates our system successfully bypassed and kept the incoming flow contained whilst the refurbishment went ahead.

Using our 2 fully containerised VSD control systems, the electrically driven pumps ramped up and down as the flow rates fluctuated throughout the day and night. Using a pressure transducer positioned in each incoming sump, these transducers constantly read the liquids level in the sump and relayed this information back to the main PLC. The pumps would maintain the levels via the VSD drive system, and the massive incoming flows were contained.

Our system was powered by combination of Super silent diesel generators, we utilised various 500kva and 300kva gens from a supplier that was local to the installation. Opting for a local generator supplier put everyone at ease, however we also chose this supplier to match our quality and service.

In projects of this nature – quality equipment and back up service is paramount.

Our special project installation team worked tirelessly from the moment the kit arrived on site till the system was up and running. A unique 24/7 project and a very happy client.

This system was in place and operational for 7 weeks and along with our 24/7 on call support we exceeded our customers expectations.

Exsel fleet has “Specialist capability”

The equipment utilised by Exsel on this project was available and ready to be installed by our specialist installations crew, the Exsel fleet has a specialist capability particularly when considering sewage applications. As proven in this application, Exsel has provided solutions and equipment that others have not been able to match.

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