Major pump projects

Exsel Pumps has identified a need to supply alternative solutions to the traditional offerings from

other suppliers. This includes the addition to our fleet capability of larger pumps and more sophisticated controls along with unrivalled expertise in the installation of genuine effective pumping solutions.

Major Project Capabilities

Exsel Pumps provide a range of support capabilities and solutions including pump installation, pipework installation, pump monitoring and fuel management, therefore offering a total pumping solution.

From the initial scoping to the final decommissioning once the project is completed, Exsel works closely with our customers to ensure they get the safest and most effective pumping solution. Essentially, if you want to pump from “A” to “B” we will take that responsibility and let our customers focus on what they need to do.

Typical offerings from the traditional pump hire companies are to throw more pumps at higher flow requirements. (In some cases we have been told that some projects do not proceed as the traditional companies cannot provide a solution). Primarily this is because these companies can only use what they have in their fleet and limited expertise of field operatives who work with plant in addition to pumps and are therefore not focused on pumping applications. The use of numerous pumps leads to a larger site footprint, complicated pump set-ups and in most cases a higher cost of hire.

One 32” pump from Exsel can provide the flow of up to ten traditional 12” pumps.

A typical traditional pump fleet includes diesel pumps and submersible pumps up to 12” (300mm) diameter. Whereas Exsel can provide pumps up to 32” (800mm) and pipework up to 1200mm diameter. One 32” pump from Exsel can provide the flow of up to ten traditional 12” pumps. The Exsel fleet includes electric pumps that can run in a whole variety of configurations including submerged, immersed, and dry running. When used with our unique stand-alone vacuum priming systems and PLC controls, there are numerous variations that can be offered with smaller and larger pumps.

Exsel stock pipework and associated fittings up to 1200mm diameter in the UK. The use of flanged pipework for sewage applications is considered of paramount importance over the use of quick release fittings. The flanged pipework provides a leak-free solution, which must be a serious consideration when considering the fines now being imposed for sewage spills.

Having the right equipment is one thing, installing it safely and effectively is another matter. The Exsel team has many years of experience in pumping and installation of major pump projects and the pictures on this website of the latest projects demonstrate this more than words can.
Exsel’s expertise is enhanced with the development of dedicated PLC control capabilities. Over a number of years, Exsel has developed the intelligence into the PLC programmes to enable a wide variety of control situations to provide the most effective pumping solutions. This includes mm accuracy on level controls, series pumping control, parallel pumping control and generator control.

Pump Surveying and Scoping

Exsel pumps will assist you in the surveying and scoping of temporary pumping installations. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers, offering specialist pumping knowledge. In most cases this service is offered free of charge and we will also assist in providing contingency plans for critical pumping requirements.