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Sewage Pump Hire

At exsel pumps, we supply our customers with the most effective and reliable diesel and electric sewage pumps that consistently provide very competitive rag-handling capabilities and substantially low fuel consumption, without the loss of performance.

Take a moment to consider the implications of a pump blockage due to rag and the consequent cost of downtime during the process of recovery. Not to mention the risk of a sewage spill being very likely and all the associated and escalating costs of fines being imposed. That’s why it’s important to invest in sludge pumps from a reputable hire company that will provide you with the best solution to your application.

Diesel Sewage Pumps

exsel utilises Hidrostal’s and SPP Pump’s unique single screw impeller design. These manufactures have been innovating the industry for over 50 years and provide the very best in pumping equipment and this product has been chosen specifically due to its exceptional rag-handling capability and staggeringly low fuel and energy consumption. The impeller is very versatile with its free passages making it also very comfortable in handling sludges and slurries.

We promise that every pump that we provide will greatly reduce the fuel costs of your operation. When analysing the entire whole life cost of hire, fuel is over 80% of the cost of a typical diesel pump for hire. Just image the savings if a typical single 6” diesel sewage pump can reduce your fuel running costs by over £600 per week compared to our nearest competitor.

Also, consider two pumps running on a temporary project for one month. The potential fuel savings could be around £4,800 for a standard application and the savings grow further dependent on the duration and number of pumps used. These significant savings truly make the weekly hire rate seem insignificant.

The diesel range includes core pumps from 4” (100mm) discharge to 12” (300mm) discharge. Larger sizes up to 32” (800mm) are available under the Major Projects capability. As standard, the core diesel versions of these pumps are enclosed in super silenced canopies, automatic vacuum assisted self-priming, latest emission compliant diesel engines and offer genuine rag handling with no loss of performance. All pumps also are fully bunded negating the need for old fashioned drip trays.

Electric Sewage Pump Solutions

By utilising the Hidrostal range of immersible pumps with over-specified configuration, we can run our electrical pumps vertically, horizontally, immersed submerged and dry whilst providing the maximum utilisation potential. These immersible pumps are particularly suited for dry applications as they are capable of continuous operation and any leakage of product is eliminated by its tandem seals.

When used in dry well or surface mounted configuration they can also be utilised with exsel’s proven automatic vacuum assisted stand-alone priming systems. The capabilities are further enhanced with unique PLC control capabilities developed by exsel over a number of years. Variable speed control, level control with mm accuracy, generator control to further reduce fuel costs and vacuum priming control to provide the most effective solution.

Other benefits of using the Hidrostal immersibles are that they are easily opened for maintenance, are extremely quiet when running, are odour-free and they don’t expose rotating shafts. The electric range includes a wide range of pump models from 3” (75mm) to 32” (800mm). All pumps providing the various dry running and submerged capabilities with unrivalled rag handling and enhanced performance.

We also supply a range of electric submersible pumps for multiple sewage applications situation that require a large suction height.  All of these pumps have excellent rag handling capabilities and are perfect for sludge, water, solid and water applications. 

Key features of the Exsel Sewage Pump Range:

  • Low fuel consumption resulting in a significant fuel saving of up to 80%
  • Unrivalled rag and solids handling capability
  • Diesel and electric driven options fully automatic
  • Wide range of pumps from 3” (75mm) up to 32” (800mm) discharge
  • Super-silenced, fully bunded, lockable canopy design for diesel options
  • Dry running, immersed and submerged electric capabilities
  • Sludge pump hire for sludge and slurry handling capabilities
  • PLC controls offering unique capabilities
  • Remote monitoring and remote alarm capabilities
  • Overall offering a reduced whole-life rental cost
  • Versatility providing a wide range of sewage pump solutions

If you are interested in our diesel or electric sewage pumps and would like to find out more about how they can benefit your operation, give our team a call on 01329 229800 or visit our contact us page and fill in our enquiry form.

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