Steel pipes for hire

Total support steel pipes for hire

Exsel pumps regularly utilises heavy duty flanged steel pipes for critical applications, particularly for sewage and higher pressures. With the growing number of heavy fines for sewage spills and the risk of injury with higher pressures flanged steel pipes are becoming more important

Exsel Pumps stocks flanged steel pipework from 4” (100mm) to 48” (1,200mm) in bore diameter along with the associated fittings and valves. Our experienced and safe installation capabilities not only relieves the burden but ensures the most effective set-up.

Exsel pumps heavy duty flanged steel pipes

Whilst Exsel will provide quick release fittings for general applications where required, such fittings are not guaranteed leak-free by the manufacturers and have pressure limitations. Such fittings are also exposed to tampering and can be easily disconnected creating significant problems.

Installation service

Exsel will also provide an installation service for all pipework, not only taking the problem off your hands but also ensuring the most effective set-up to suit the pumping equipment. This includes the provision of pipe bridges as can be seen further in the “Pipe Bridge” section in this part of the website.