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Canal Bypass Pumping system

Canal Bypass Pumping system

Its not just sewage that we love to get involved with – we often have dirty drainage canals that need to be over pumped whilst repair work is being done on these vital canals spread around our country.

On this project we supplied 4 x 6” and a 1 x 12” Diesel driven pump to keep the flows down whilst this canal was being repaired. A total flow from this system was estimated at 600 L/sec and this was provided using these pumps. Reliability was the key – flooding was not an option. This canal ran adjacent to the North Circular in London and the repair was executed flawlessly.

We supplied these pumps to a regular customer that specialise in the supply and installation of temporary dams, they needed pumps that could deliver the flow and could provide reliability as their companies name and reputation was also at stake.

Reliability and fuel efficiency is the name of the game. Our customers rely on our team to supply them with pumps that work. In these applications, service is everything.

Exsel the Complete Solution Provider

The equipment supplied, was configured so the client could easily perform the installation.

Exsel fleet has “Specialist capability”

The equipment utilised by Exsel on this planned project was supplied to our customer knowing that it would function flawlessly and work as designed.

Our Fleet investment by it’s parent company the Turner Group continues by Investing in the right quality equipment for the application, the Exsel fleet has a specialist capability – supplying the right equipment for your application. As proven on this project, Exsel has provided solutions and equipment that others have not been able to match.

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