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Emergency over pumping solution

Emergency over pumping solution

Exsel Pumps got that call that we all dread. “We have a major burst pipe line – Please come and help”

We were initially requested to supply a few 8” and 12” Diesel driven Betsy pumps – These pumps were used to contain and divert the flow on one of the main inlet pipe lines servicing the sewage treatment works.

Due to the superior rag handling capabilities of our Betsy pumps they were ideal for this situation.

Once the flows were contained using the diesel pumps, the hard work was about to start, we supplied and installed one of our containerised sewage over pumping systems. Our Containerised system was capable of pumping the incoming flow rate of over 400 L/sec. this was pumped down a temporary 16” pipe line and over a distance of more than 1,200m. Our system was now bypassing and keeping the incoming flow down whilst the damaged pipe line was repaired.

Our system – being a variable speed drive – we were able to adjust and set the correct speed of the pumps to keep up with this massive demand.

The electric containerised pumps were powered by a couple of 500 kVa diesel synced generators.

From the first call to the final switch on, this entire system was up and running in record breaking time, our special project installation team worked 18 hour days to meet the customers’ expectations.

An awesome project and a very happy customer.

This system was in place and operational for over 6 months whilst the entire pipe line and other major components were replaced by the Utility company.

Exsel fleet has “Specialist capability”

The equipment utilised by Exsel on this emergency project was available and ready to be installed by our installations crew, the Exsel fleet has a specialist capability particularly when considering sewage applications. As proven in this application, Exsel has provided solutions and equipment that others have not been able to match.

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