Control panels & PLC units hire

Control panels & PLC units hire

Exsel pumps provides the total solution for the control and monitoring of pumps to ensure the most cost-effective set-up.

A unique offering by Exsel is the use of PLC control containers that have been developed by Exsel over a number of years and provides control capability not offered by any UK pump rental company.

Exsel pumps Control Panels

Exsel pumps provides a comprehensive range of dedicated soft start panels and variable speed drives for the starting and controlling of the Exsel fleet of electric driven pumps. These UK built panels can be utilised with float or transducer control technology for automatic starting and stopping and can be used with Milltronic panels for the control of a number of pumps. Ease of use with plug and play type technology reduces set-up time on site. Exsel can provide variable speed drives up to 500 kW.

Exsel pumps PLC Control Containers

Where Exsel differentiate is with their PLC control containers that have been developed by Exsel over a number of years and provide control capability not offered by any UK pump rental company. At the centre of this control solution is a PLC unit that is programmed for a range of applications, scenarios and pump types to provide a unique control capability. Exsel own the intellectual property for this capability and it is therefore not available from any other company.

Each control container can control up to four pumps both diesel and electric. In addition, it can operate with a generator on stand-by with the container bringing the generator online only when required. This provides significant cost-savings when considering the fuel usage of a generator that is running constantly as opposed to on-demand. For example, a recent enquiry from a customer on potential fuels savings on a project demonstrated circa £60k fuel saving.

The PLC takes in all incoming signals such as level controls and sends out commands to the various drives and other equipment providing mm accuracy on levels. The PLC will also automatically control vacuum assisted priming systems when used. Remote monitoring and control capability allows a number of authorised individuals to monitor the system status. This includes CCTV back-up and of course SMS alarm messaging on set defaults. The PLC control containers from Exsel have been used as stand-alone control solutions for customers who have lost their own control capability.

Exsel pumps PLC Units

PLC Units are a complete pump management control centre that incorporate controls for the starting and in some cases, variable speed control of either electric or diesel units. The use of level transducers or even the pumping station level controls can be plugged in. Telemetry is built in for the necessary alarms via GSM text.

Housed in a steel lockable container, the PLC units are configured specifically for the project.