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Being an independent specialist pump rental company, investment is targeted at the right equipment and the right people.  With a combined wealth of experience and a real 'Can do' attitude Exsel’s Customers receive exceptional levels of service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it’s the specialist nature of our business that clearly separates Exsel from other more general pump rental companies.

Customer Focus

We strive to give our customers a positive experience, that we are easy to do business with and provide a service that exceeds expectations. Building long-term relationships with our trading partners is a key target and this can only be achieved through excellent service, continual commitment, honesty and professionalism.

exsel pumps continues to differentiate by applying this customer focus and ensuring the most up to date quality equipment is offered. Not only does this provide reliability but exsel pumps is also able to offer our customers additional benefits, such as low energy consumption providing significant fuel savings and significantly reduced running costs.

We recognise the importance of the quality of our people in providing this level of excellence and so exsel pumps continually trains, motivates and develops individuals to ensure they achieve their maximum potential in the safest possible manner.


Pump Hire Specialists

With a focus on specialist pump hire, exsel pumps employs people with a wealth of experience and a real ‘can do’ attitude. This enables our philosophy of being a genuine total solution provider for our customers with excellent service levels 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Exsel Pumps History

exsel pumps Limited was founded in 1997 and acquired by Turner & Co (Glasgow) Limited in July 2007, to support its national capabilities.

The Company has benefitted from significant and continuing investment in people, equipment and infra-structure support.

Part of the Turner Group

The Turner Group is a family owned and controlled Group of Companies established in 1912, employing over 2,000 people worldwide. Its activities span distribution, manufacturing, support services and asset rental.

Pumping Solutions for

Business Sectors

Temporary Pumping Solutions Provider

exsel pumps provide temporary pumping solutions for the more specialist applications to a number of business sectors and is able to offer the complete solution for pumping requirements including pump installation, pump management, fuel management and maintenance contracts.

Industries served include:

  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Industrial
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Docks, Ports and Harbours
  • Waste Management
  • Government Agencies
  • Emergency Services
  • And more…
exsel pumps

"The Credible Alternative"

Specialist Pump Hire Solution Provider for Sewage Applications

exsel pumps has become the credible alternative to the more traditional national pump hire companies operating in the UK. That is the feedback the exsel team are getting as more and more water companies and their contractors become aware of exsel pumps’ capabilities. The feedback received goes further with a clear indication that there is a real need for an alternative temporary pump solutions provider, particularly for sewage applications.

This feedback has resulted in exsel developing the coverage of a successful business model to provide a national capability for its Major Projects Team.  Until recently, exsel has operated successfully on a number of significant sewage pumping projects for a number of water companies as an approved supplier but has not advertised the fact – until now. 

exsel pumps is part of the Turner Group of companies headquartered in Glasgow with exsel depots in the South, East and North of England. The Turner Group has a turnover of £250m with over 2,000 employees operating in 24 diverse companies. The Group operates a number of companies in Asset Rental industries with capabilities such as generators, vehicles, tankers, specialist access, portable cold storage and of course pumps.

exsel pumps Listens to Customer Feedback

When the feedback is analysed as to why exsel has been so successful and therefore what makes exsel the credible alternative, there are a number of factors:

  • Independent of any manufacturers – the right equipment for the application
  • Genuine temporary pumping solutions, particularly for sewage applications
  • Full service support capability including effective and safe installations
  • Larger pump and pipework offerings up to 48” discharge (1,200mm) diameter
  • Genuine out of hours reactive capability
  • Genuine rag handling capability of pumping equipment
  • Lowest pump energy/fuel consumption - providing significant savings
  • Unrivalled PLC pump controls with latest level control and remote technology
  • Reliability and capability with younger fleet and maintenance regime
  • Innovative and cost effective solutions
  • Up to date fleet with higher efficiencies and lower running costs
  • Financial stability and strong Group investment including infrastructure support – here for the long-term
  • Focused on genuine pumping solutions without diversion
  • Customer focus and interpreting the Customer’s needs in partnership
  • Customer relationships developing together

Being an independent supplier, exsel can use its extensive pumping experience to select the best and most up to date equipment for the application. Not being tied to any particular manufacturer enables this capability. The majority of equipment in traditional national fleets is of a technology that is over 20 years old, despite the shiny canopy that packages the unit. The key factor this brings is the lack of efficiency and effectiveness of the products that will affect pumping capability. Particularly, rag handling and energy/fuel consumption. 

There is a level of complacency with the traditional companies that is driven by a lack of credible competition

The larger rental companies that also operate plant and tools have the financial capability but they don’t have the expertise and so tend to focus on basic pumping such as dewatering on construction sites to support their existing customer base. But this tends to be a cyclic capability where prices are driven down to a point where it is not viable to hire out such pumps and then these companies pull out of pumping. However these companies cannot provide solutions for sewage pumping and other arduous pumping applications.

Consider the traditional national pump hire companies. This is the area of complacency where for decades they have been in operation, most with a fleet of pumps designed in the same era and now offering a reduced level of service and capability. There is no doubt that once these were good reputable pumping companies but it is sad to notice that they have lost the pumping skills, knowledge and attitude. They have also not developed their fleet capability to keep up with modern technology. They haven’t really needed to with the lack of real competition.

It is the customer therefore that effectively will suffer in the long term. No doubt the customer will get cheaper prices because the traditional companies can push a twenty year old pump out at the lowest price. But is that pump reliable, is it capable of handling sewage and is it really the lowest whole life cost of hire?

There are higher levels of fines being imposed for sewage and diesel spills so the necessity for reliable and effective pumping solutions is paramount when handling sewage. This is a serious consideration for the water companies where most sewage plants are near water courses or the sea. The potential cumulative damage in terms of environmental and financial impact by using the cheapest equipment is therefore enhanced.

Consider the whole-life Cost of Hire

Consider the whole life cost of hire. Water companies do so with capital purchases, quite rightly as energy costs are generally the highest portion in the life of an installed product. So why not consider the same for a temporary pumping solution?

If a single 6” diesel sewage pump can save over £600 per running week in fuel costs compared to a cheaper rate option, with no loss of performance and with genuine rag handling capability, why would it not be considered? 

Consider then two such pumps running on a temporary project for one month. The fuel savings are around £4,800 for what is a typical application. Saving £50 (25%) or £100 (50%) on the weekly rate therefore has no significance. It is not considered as it has not previously been offered, yet time and again the rate is the benchmark to which water companies will always look at and it is a smoke-screen.

The technology and equipment is out there with diesel pumps to provide this fuel saving, although not in traditional fleets that are tied to specific manufacturers or to their own manufacture. The cost of developing a new fleet of pumps is very expensive and it is no wonder the traditional companies avoid this issue. That is why exsel is able to be that credible alternative as its sewage diesel fleet utilises these pumps as standard.

Alternative Offerings by exsel pumps provide the Full Capability

There are also other alternatives to diesel pumps that are not generally offered by the traditional pump hire companies. Again, the main reason is that they don’t have the equipment in their fleets.

exsel pumps are also able to offer a range of immersible pumps from 3” (80mm) to 32” (800mm) discharge that can operate in dry well, immersed and submerged applications. More importantly, they can also be provided surface mounted with vacuum priming systems that allow a multitude of capabilities, particularly with restricted space. Add to this the PLC control equipment with level controls and variable speed drives along with remote monitoring.

exsel pumps have been involved in sewage and other projects where the traditional pump hire companies have walked away and not been able to offer a solution. The exsel capabilities have ensured a solution could be provided including the full installation and pump management. Therefore, exsel has already proven to be a credible alternative as a specialist temporary pump solution provider.

If you would like to know further information about Exsel pumps and the pump solutions that we offer, please get in touch by calling 01329 229800 or filling in the form on our contact us page.

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