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Removal of chlorinated water from an underground reservoir

In late 2019 Exsel Pumps was requested to remove the highly chlorinated water from an underground reservoir.

This request came from our good customer who over the years we have helped through some significant installations and operations, that most pump companies have walked away from.

The water was removed because the reservoir needed to be cleaned and inspected for any leaks or structural damage. The water needed to be pumped out as quick as possible so the team could get their work done and the water replenished. This was the main water storage reservoir for the local town. The water was pumped through one of our 12” digital flow mater; a 4-20mAmp signal was taken from the flow meter and fed to a dosing pump where the precise flow was used to dose the chlorinated water. The treated water was pumped through 8” pipelines into the local open reservoir over 150m away, once Exsel Pumps had completed the works the clients were amazed by the swift actions and professional application that was present throughout this tricky project – once all had removed from site we received a generous letter of appreciation from the client, Kevin.

May I thank you for at short notice attending the meeting at Barcombe Pumping Station, can’t fault the way you listened to what we required, took notes and made up a plan of what we were asking. You made it clear you could not promise delivery by Friday (20th) of everything required, you made a phone call and said only you were hopeful. I was on-site at Barcombe yesterday and please to see pumps & hoses being delivered, just prior to leaving in late afternoon more hoses and the required manifold to connect the pumps together arrived. Was totally gobsmacked that in three days you had changed our required order, designed and made up the manifold and delivered all required equipment.Can’t thank you enough for your help as this was a major problem for South East Water & Stonbury Reservoir Teams, well done Kevin and Exsel Pumps.


Dan Smith, thanks you for all the chasing I had you doing on the obtaining the pumps and arranging for Kevin to get to the site for the meeting, also then confirming with Kevin the required equipment. Good work again. These might in the larger world be small things completed here but to us, it has taken a great weight off our shoulders, we would not be able to de-chlorinate the wastewater to our Environmental Teams requirements without the manifold and the change in pump order.