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Emergency Raw Sewage Over-pumping with High Suction Lift

Exsel Pumps provide an emergency raw sewage over-pump solution with a high suction lift.

Exsel Pumps was called upon in an emergency to supply a system that covered the failure of an inlet screw to a sewage treatment works.  The set up required an emergency response due to forecasted inclement weather.  During the set up however, a second of three screws was also causing concern changing the scope of supply during the initial installation stage.  The flexibility of Exsel and it’s capabilities resulted in a some quick-decision making and an alternative solution put in place.

The suction lift was about 7 metres of raw rag laden sewage.  But a submersible pump of the size required to handle the duty would not fit in the wet well area designated.  Access for surface mounted pumps was limited such that they could not be placed close to the wet well to be pumped.  The final solution involved the supply of two Betsy 8” (200mm) automatic diesel self-priming pumps on ultrasonic level controls for automatic operation. 

Betsy Pumps Provide Unrivalled Rag Handling Capability

Each of Exsel’s Betsy 200 pumps supplied is capable of over 700 m3/h and a generated head of over 40 metres.  The Betsy pump range incorporates the Hidrostal pump end for the unrivalled rag handling and excellent fuel economy providing a low whole lofe cost of hire.. 

What was impressive on this application was the suction lift of nearly 7 metres and a suction length thereafter to the nearest possible pump location of about 20 metres.

The full installation was carried out by the Exsel Team utilising flanged steel and wire armoured pipework.  In addition, Exsel supplied fuel management and spill kits as part of the scope of supply.

Exsel Pump's Sewage Pump Range

Fleet investment by Exsel Pumps through support by it's parent company the Turner Group continues.  Investing in the right quality equipment for the application, the Exsel fleet has a specialist capability particularly when considering sewage applications.

Exsel Pumps is able to supply sewage pumps up to 16" discharge with all associated pipework, controls and fittings.  In addition, it's experienced people provide that ultimate solution in a safe and effective manner.


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