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New Pump Manufacturer Partnership

Exsel Pumps has now partnered with a world-renowned manufacturer of pumps to sell their units throughout the UK, while Exsel Pumps continues to hire, service and repair pumps, we also now offer to sell pumps to those that have lifetime projects where purchasing is the favourable option.

Exsel Pumps can offer the full range of diesel and electric pumps for purchase and if required the full back up service required to maintain the pumps life and productivity.
With a stockholding at Exsels Pumps’ head office, this can be a simple process to secure a pump as the highly utilised units will be “off the shelf” – so order to delivery could be as little as 24 hours, but if you require a bespoke unit built to your requirements then this can be planned with your timeframes in mind and delivered straight to site from the manufacturers and if the pump is required asap and needs manufacturing then Exsel Pumps can supply the client with a hired unit until delivery.

This enables Excels Pumps’ clients to receive a complete service through multi options on offer if you require to purchase a pump and the lead time is months but can’t wait then Exsel can hire you a unit until the purchased unit is ready for install, we will continue to offer a site survey prior to install to ensure that the pump supplied is correct – once all the measures have been taken into account.

Please call 01329 229800 for further details.