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River water to Canal transfer

River water to Canal transfer

Exsel Pumps was called upon to supply a pump to transfer river water from the River Don to keep the Canal level at a working depth in the centre of Rotherham.

A new gate arrangement is being installed and at present at a junction of the River Don and a Canal, at present the Canal is Dammed off with piling while the work is being carried out with one of our 6”diesel driven super silent pumps keeping the dig area dry.
The first picture is the submersible hung off the piling while being installed on the River side of the project and the second picture after the pump was installed transferring water to keep the canal at a working level.

In the piled off area the 6” pump was extracting leaking water that was entering the excavation from under the piling and pumping through two Site filtration tanks before being discharged back into the river.

The Submersible pump is an F10 fitted with a 45Kw motor controlled by a variable speed drive control panel and powered by a 100Kva generator with a 2000 fuel cube.
The pump is transferring approximately 200 l/per second to keep the canal topped up, when at a satisfactory level it can be controlled by the variable speed supply.

Exsel the Complete Solution Provider

The equipment supplied, was configured so the client could easily perform the installation. However, Exsel did express it’s capabilities to supply a full installation and commissioning service.

Exsel fleet has “Specialist capability”

The equipment utilised by Exsel on this planned application is not available in any other UK hire fleet. Fleet investment by Exsel Pumps through support by it’s parent company the Turner Group continues. Investing in the right quality equipment for the application, the Exsel fleet has a specialist capability particularly when considering sewage and water applications.

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