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Settlement Tanks

Exsel Pumps offers heavy duty silt filtration tanks in a range of sizes to reflect the volume to be handled. Traditionally, called settlement tanks but the level of filtration and settlement is now an issue to consider for most sites.

exsel pumps heavy duty settlement tanks

There is a move towards the discharge of water from sites to have a higher degree of filtration and settlement to protect the environment and waterways. exsel therefore includes in its fleet the latest silt filtration tanks to provide a solution for most applications.

These tanks are each capable of handling the flow from a standard 6” pump. Where higher levels of settlement and filtration are required, care should be taken to consider the flow capability of such equipment which will only normally allow one fifth of such flow.

Available in a range of sizes to suit all needs

Sizes range from 1,800 litres to 7,500 litres.


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