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Pipe Bridges Hire

exsel pumps provide a unique and safe solution when the pipework has to cross a road or provide other vehicular and pedestrian access.  The solution is to use self-supporting pipe bridges that can be quickly assembled and dismantled and provide a “no-dig” solution significantly reducing costs.

Supply and installation of pipe bridges

Pumping across roads or pathways will always pose an issue therefore exsel pumps offer the supply and installation of self-supporting pipe bridges, a unique but simple solution. Other companies have tried to copy exsel’s capability using scaffolding type supports but this is considered unsafe due to the movement of the pipe during pumping operations.

exsel can provide all the necessary calculations required to satisfy any health and safety concerns. Examples of pipe bridges recently deployed are shown in the picture gallery below. These include an emergency set up in London that allowed the continuation of several bus routes without diversion. In addition, a three bridge set-up in Guernsey that kept open the only main access to the port which is critical to the island’s infrastructure.

When pumping sewage or liquids containing any solids the use of road ramps is not considered to be an option. Such ramps easily block due to the reduced height necessary to allow vehicles to drive over.  Another complication that can be found with road ramps is the potential for the ramp to move or to be subjected to heavy traffic or heavy vehicles. This adds to the risk of the ramp being damaged and causing an unwanted spill. Traffic can also travel too fast over the ramps causing damage to both the ramp and the vehicle.

Benefits of a pipe bridge

Pipe bridges provide a solution, with benefits including:

providing significant cost savings and avoiding lengthy disruption

  • Various pipe sizes, heights and widths to provide a flexible solution
  • Full installation by exsel pumps
  • Quick to assemble reducing the need for lengthy road closures
  • Avoids the need to dig up roads or pathways to bury pipework
  • No blockages with rag-laden sewage and solids
  • Sturdy and robust design providing a safe structure
  • Readily available for emergency reactive requirements

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