4 Inch RT Trouble Shooting List

4 Inch RT Trouble Shooting List


Please remember – you must ensure the engine/pump is isolated and cannot be started.

1. Pump does not prime or pump (engine is running)

Turn the pump off and isolate
  1. Check that the end of the suction hose is submerged and not drawing in air.
  2. Check the strainer is not blocked with a rag or leaves etc
  3. Check all the suction hoses are connected. Not squashed flat and not drawing in air from possible missing O Rings.
  4. Disconnect the suction hose, look inside the suction port and ensure there is nothing blocking the inlet or lodged in the impellor.
  5. Using a 24 Spanner – remover the NRV Cover plate indicated in the picture below.

Lift this lid up, inside you will find a rubber NRV Flap. Picture below is the NRV Flap in place.

Simply lift the flap up/off and ensure that the seat and surrounding area is clean and free from any stones, twigs etc.
Picture below shows the flap removed.

Replace this cover and tighten all the bolts.
If the pump still does not prime and pump – you are going to need to contact our 24 hour phone number 01329 229 800.
An engineer will be in contact with you shortly.

2. Engine runs but only pumps limited amount of Liquid

  1. Make sure the Suction strainer is not blocked with debris.
  2. Make sure there are not too many suction hoses.
  3. Ensure there are no collapsed, kinked or damaged suction hoses.
  4. Remove the suction hose from the pump and Check there is nothing inside the impellor (pump must be off).
  5. Check the discharge line has no kinked or squashed pipes.
  6. Check the engine speed – this should be around 1700 RPM.
  7. Make sure the strainer is not sitting or buried in mud.
  8. Ensure the suction lift is not greater than 8m deep.

3. Engine will not start or run

  1. Check the “E STOP” button is in the OUT position
  2. Check the battery terminals – make sure they are tight and secure.
  3. Check the fuel level in the fuel tank – Open the fuel cap and look inside – often the fuel gauges get stuck in the FULL position.
  4. If the pump has run out of fuel – please inform our engineer – he will need to reprime the fuel system.
  5. Check the inline fuel filter is clean and not blocked up with sediment.
  6. Allow the engine to go through its startup cycle before trying to restart again.

All the above scenarios are possible issues and these can normally be rectified over the phone.

If you are not competent or unsure – please do not attempt to rectify or fix the issue.
Please call our 24 hour phone number – 01329 229 800